Maximize ROI of IP portfolio through data driven insights and IP management best practices productized into an on-demand application.


Accelerate Time to Value with our regularly updated benchmark data and IP Portfolio Management Services.

Maximize ROI of IP Portfolio


Best Practices - Actions Required

  • Identify and mitigate barriers at each stage of the IP asset building
    • Identify technology & market trends to establish IP priorities
    • Share & communicate to avoid unfocused resource allocation
    • Institute a performance measurement and reporting system
  • Identify and mitigate barriers at each stage of the IP asset value extraction
    • Organize IP portfolio to extract value
    • Institute a performance measurement and reporting system
  • Share IP knowledge across company
  • Features

    • Trends analysis: Instant IP analytics on technologies and companies and advanced analysis tools
    • Develop and promote IP declaration & essential patent metrics dashboards.
    • Classify your IP assets in unlimited dimensions of business, technical and strategic factors.
    • Track and manage your competitors and suppliers IP assets.
    • Set custom E-mail alerts: Daily email alerts provides continuous updates of IP activity in target areas of interest

    Align IP With Business

    Align IP with business

    Best Practices - Actions Required

  • Establish an IP assessment structure
  • Establish a competence migration structure
    • Capture critical indicators of portfolio needs and gain better insight to shift investment resources into emerging competencies.
  • Align IP portfolio planning with business strategy
    • Create separate operating and strategic portfolio plans
  • Engage stakeholders to influence business behavior
  • Features

  • Business use classification and portfolio analysis
  • Strategic gap analysis
  • Dashboard to consolidate, analyze, and communicate portfolio decisions
  • Reduce IP Costs

    Reduce IP Costs

    Best Practices - Actions Required

  • Establish a screening process and criteria for patent filing and renewal
  • Establish systematic IP portfolio review
    • Identify areas of low utilization and non-business aligned patents for out-licensing, divestiture or abandonment.
    • Identify low quality (technical) IP assets
  • Optimize IP operational efficiency
  • Features

  • Patent evaluation scorecard
  • Patent maintenance review scorecard
  • Save time and money by leveraging our IP database
  • Leverage software automation and highly customizable workflows for various IP operations
  • High Integrity IP Data

    High Integrity IP Data


    Inadequate Information for Portfolio Optimization.


    Unique "Service-On-Software" Business Model - Leverage our IP data management service and accelerate Time to Value with our regularly updated IP benchmark data.


    • Live data: "real-time" intelligence on patent declaration.
    • Company database: Company database tracks patents of key companies worldwide.
    • Keep your patent data up-to-date by leveraging our integration with EPO's open patent webservice.



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    Unique "Service-ON-Software" Business Model

    IP Data Management Services: Accelerate Time to Value with our regularly updated benchmark data.

    IP Portfolio Management Services: IP portfolio analysis and strategy development services.